African Safari Costs: How Much & What To Look Out For


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G. Dennise Mathieu, US Ambassador to Namibia,

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African Safari Costs

Like most travel experiences an African safari costs as much as you are willing to pay. There is the relatively cheap and slightly cheerful, all the way through to a private vacation in the heart of Africa’s wildlife theater.

The best African safari for you will be dictated by budget. Just remember that Africa is Africa – there is nowhere else in the world like it, chance to go eye to eye with the greatest mammals to occupy our planet. And not just one or a few. Many many thousands of wild animals in a theater that never ends. Safari is an unfiltered connection with the greatest wildernesses on earth – how much is that worth to you?

a giraffe and a guide to African safari costs
It’s never just a giraffe
seeing a rhino on a Namibia safari
Safari experiences are hard to quantify
getting close to a lion on the best luxury African safari
It’s how close you get
Guide to African safari costs told by elephants
Don’t see it all from behind
an elephant leans over the vehicle on a Ngorongoro Crater safari
Stare the giants in the face
  • It’s never just a giraffe