30 May 2019

Amazing pictures capture elephant chasing down a pack of wild dogs to defend its herd

Post by Editor

A photographer from New Mexico captured great photos in South Africa of a young elephant protecting its herd from wild dogs. Elephants are very protective of each other especially the juveniles and the breeding elephants. The photographs were of a young elephant chasing a group of wild dogs. The elephant was trying to scare off the dogs to discourage them from attacking the herd. The brave elephant was successful and now there are some amazing photographs of the event.

Key Takeaways:

  • The pictures showcased highlight the bravery shown by a young elephant as it protects its family from a pack of wild dogs.
  • When the pictures were taken, the photographer who knew that elephants are highly protective of their young, realized they were going to have an amazing experience.
  • Mr Dooley believes that people have experiences of wildlife in their life, even if this is through photographs or documentaries on television.

“Mr Dooley has been taking guests to the game reserve for several years and knows exactly where the elephants like to visit for fresh water, swimming, and mud bathing.”

Read more: https://au.news.yahoo.com/amazing-pictures-capture-elephant-chasing-pack-wild-dogs-defend-herd-135820365.html

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