19 July 2018

Another Cecil? Secrecy surrounds June trophy lion hunt

Post by Editor

The South African hunting grounds that held Cecil were appalled when they found that another lion was likely shot in violation of the CIC. A bunch of cubs were found dead without a trace of the lion, which typically indicates that another male lion has gained control over the premises. Since no other evidence was found, activists and onlookers can only assume that this lion came to the same fate as Cecil did on June 7th.

Key Takeaways:

  • A bunch of male cubs were found with no mother or father, indicating that something was not right.
  • Cecil was gruesomely killed on June 7th, and the incident alerted the public on how dangerous trophy killing is.
  • Even if the lion was hunted on trophy hunting grounds, it still may have violated the CIC.

“”Nothing surprising about this: around 500 lions, usually males, are killed every year by trophy hunters on the African continent.””

Read more: https://news.mongabay.com/2018/07/another-cecil-secrecy-surrounds-june-trophy-lion-hunt/

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