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“My first foray into wildlife photography was an exciting and inspiring experience. I look forward to our next visit.”
Gary Kline, New York

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The Best African Photo Safari for You

It’s easy to gaze at wildlife photos and dream of Africa. But gaze at your own wildlife photos and you no longer dream. You remember. And that’s something that will stay with you for a lifetime. An African photo safari is more than beautiful images to frame and impress friends. With each image you’re transported back to Africa and that time in the wild. Not just the setting but the feeling and atmosphere that each moment evoked. Sounds, smells, goosebumps on the arms, and the radiant, almost childlike joy the continent inspired in you.

All photos tell a story. The best safari photos have parallel storylines, one of your own journey, the other of wilderness and wildlife that may not be with us for much longer. These are important and powerful stories. Everyone wants to leave Africa with the best stories, and everyone wants their photos to emanate the most powerful narrative. In this article you can read about great photo ideas for South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania.

Go on safari and you are guaranteed to get photos of unique animals. Even if it’s a selfie on a smartphone or archaic 90s digital camera, there will be a story of your connection to the wildlife. Our how to guide will help you take the best African safari photos.

If you’re enthusiastic about photography, or passionate about these storylines, we highly recommend a private safari for the best photography safari.  Not only will you get much closer to the action; there’s a creative canvas that excites everyone who likes to travel with their camera. Scroll to end of this article for guidance on planning the best photo safari tour for you.

getting close to a leopard on a photo safari in Africa
Paint a portrait of daily life
African photo safaris cover rare moments like this dancing ostrich
Unusual antics for a fast shutter speed
elephants like these are a highlight of photography safari
Insane photos in poor lighting conditions
Capturing a jackal on an African photo safari
There are lesser-known stories to tell here
  • Paint a portrait of daily