Best Botswana Luxury Safaris


“We did extremely well
with the Heritage Africa safari...
everyone was talking about the trip.”
Wisconsin Public Television

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The Inside Guide to the Best Botswana Luxury Safaris

Black manes flutter against a sunset backdrop. A hundred elephants rumble directly past you. Nature’s greatest oasis spills out in every direction. Botswana is a country of vast natural wonder. And the best Botswana luxury safaris place you centerstage in the world’s greatest rendition of wild drama and scale.

This is a country of pure wilderness, an animal kingdom untouched and unadulterated, a safari experience between the surreal and the sublime. Few roads, little Wi-Fi, no human footprints, a place where you are merely a visitor in the animals’ realm. You’re in the heart of nature’s drama, close enough to hear the haunting crack of a lion biting through a zebra carcass. Welcome to one of the greatest wildernesses on earth.

Places where rare species thrive
Moments of stillness
giraffe are common on all the best Botswana luxury safaris
Animals that guide you onward
an elephant staring through the trees
Moments that make you stop and stare
  • Places where rare species thrive