Best Luxury Private African Safaris & Travel Guide


"Heritage Africa is … at the epicenter of [tourism] to South Africa."
Los Angeles Times
September 10, 2002

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The Private Safari Experience

The best luxury private African safaris place you centerstage in nature’s greatest theater. No other experience creates a greater connection with nature and the world of wildlife.

Not all safaris are the same. A luxury private safari in Africa is the ultimate wildlife experience the continent can offer. Everything is customized. Animal-rich landscapes become your private playground. You always get the best seats and scenes. It’s just you and the raw brilliance of the wilderness. And there’s a surreal exclusivity to the wildlife experience

Better photo angles
two giraffe standing side by side
It’s the subtle differences
a lion eating a zebra on the best luxury private African safaris
Get closer, stay longer
As individual as a cheetah's spots
  • Better photo angles