Best South African Luxury Safaris Guide


“Boy do we know how much you spoiled us...on our cloud nine heavenly trip to Africa”
Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of 36th US President

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Best South African Luxury Safaris - Insiders' Guide

Oh how South Africa captivates. Lions on a dusty savannah, springbok skipping across the plains, watching wildlife from a private terrace. This is a country that indulges your senses, a country famed for diversity and made special by individuality. The best South African luxury safaris inspire. Waking to exotic sounds. Inhaling the scent of the wild. Feeling that you’ve stepped into wild Africa without having to leave your comfort zone.

The best South African luxury safaris are a wondrous introduction to the wildlife and wilderness the continent has to offer. It’s not that the other countries are difficult, more that the Rainbow Nation makes it so easy for you to engage with the wilderness and come eye to eye with legendary animals. It can be malaria-free, simple to get around, and packed with unique experiences that don’t require you to go far off the beaten track. Welcome to the luxury of authentic wildlife encounters.

Sharing the land
Exploring the space
Finding the neighbors
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more than half the world's rhinos live in South Africa
Searching the land
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