Best Time To Go On African Safaris Guide


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The Best Time for African Safari

Much is made of the best time for African safari, as if the animals pack up and vanish at certain times of the year. In most destinations the experience morphs through the year, dictated by extravagant seasonal changes. But wildlife doesn’t follow a 12-month schedule. Animals have no notion of months and live at their own pace. In Africa you’ll discover the rhythm of the wild, a rhythm that will whisk you away from traditional calendars.

This rhythm is unpredictable. It can blur seasons or change at rapid speeds. It can keep you suspended before catapulting you into something new. It is nature and it is why Africa is such an unforgettable place to visit. So we don’t like to think in terms of a best or worst time to go on safari, especially when you stay in private concessions. We prefer to think of safari as an invitation into a different world, where the experience will be different dependent on when you visit, not better or worse. And considering how the wilderness is changing, we believe the best time for African safari is now.

The zebra don’t disappear out of season
seeing a black rhino on an African safari
For some animals the best time is in the morning
giraffe running during the dry season
Seasonal changes define the experience
Every month can bring surprise
  • Every month can bring surprise