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Chimpanzees react faster to cooperate than make selfish choices

Chimpanzees are some incredible animals. They are different than others in the sense that they truly work in packs. While they are not the only animal to work in packs, they do it to an extent that is just a little bit more than other species. Chimps are not selfish at all and it shows […]

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Amazing Footage: Baby Elephant Takes its First Steps |Londolozi Blog

When an elephant is born, the mother is extremely protective over her child. However, when witnessing this baby elephant and the mother, the mom was extremely peaceful in our presence. The baby calf was not very aware of its surroundings but it seemed to be loving the attention of its mother. It was so cute […]

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Why Are We Attracted to the Young and Cute? |Londolozi Blog

What makes something cute? There is no one way to describe this feeling but the truth of the matter is that it can almost be considered an emotion. To feel like something is cute is feeling a certain emotion. Also, the idea of cuteness is related to the word beauty. Beauty is something that is […]

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To end wildlife trafficking, engage with local communities

Wildlife trafficking is a real issue and it is something that is still happening in today’s day and age. It is hard to get people to stop doing these things because they have grown up knowing it to be a part of their lives. In South Africa, and countries like it, this kind of behavior […]

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Understanding How Elephants Think Is Key to Protecting Them

Elephants are animals that have an innate ability to bring people together. Though many few people have any type of relationship with elephants, there is a genuine consensus that people feel bad for elephants. They do not understand how powerful these creatures are! However, it is no secret that the amount of elephants has dwindled […]

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