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AI-equipped cameras will help spot wildlife poachers before they can kill

March 11, 2019

Elephant poaching is becoming a huge threat to the elephant population, especially in areas like Tanzania. The problem is that many national parks only have a certain amount of rangers, and they are unable to identify and confront every poacher that comes onto the territory. There is a conservation organization called Resolve that has recently developed cameras with an AI system that can help detect poachers before rangers do, allowing them to deal with the problem much more swiftly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although due to their bulk sizes elephants are hard to miss, in the vast plains of Africa they are easily swallowed up.
  • The fact that the land is big enough to miss elephants and the land is too big for the few number of rangers makes conservation here difficult.
  • A non-profit, Resolve, today announced the launch of a new AI powered camera system to aid park rangers in the Serengeti spot poachers before they kill an animal.

"TrailGuard AI builds on past work by Resolve to create remote cameras to aid conservation. However, early devices were bulky, had limited battery life, and were unsophisticated, sending images to rangers every time their motion sensors were tripped."

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