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Amazing Footage: Baby Elephant Takes its First Steps |Londolozi Blog

January 17, 2019

When an elephant is born, the mother is extremely protective over her child. However, when witnessing this baby elephant and the mother, the mom was extremely peaceful in our presence. The baby calf was not very aware of its surroundings but it seemed to be loving the attention of its mother. It was so cute to watch the little baby elephant try to walk on the four legs that it has. After a couple wobbly attempts to stand up to no avail, the baby finally got it and took its first few steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elephants are some of the most fascinating animals in the entire world for many reasons.
  • When a baby elephant is first born, they struggle to walk but they learn very, very quickly.
  • Adult elephants are very protective over their little ones when they are born and remain like that until they grow up.

"We decided to go a little bit closer to the small herd to get a better look, and as we approached them I noticed that they weren’t feeding as I had initially thought but instead they were investigating this small grey blob in the grass."

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