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Chimpanzees react faster to cooperate than make selfish choices

January 21, 2019

Chimpanzees are some incredible animals. They are different than others in the sense that they truly work in packs. While they are not the only animal to work in packs, they do it to an extent that is just a little bit more than other species. Chimps are not selfish at all and it shows in their day to day lives. They react quicker in ways to cooperate and as a result, they live their lives much less selflessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because chimpanzees are close to man, scientists have sought to study how they cooperate among themselves in order to understand human cooperation.
  • In this study that studied chimpanzee response time in cooperative behavior, 40 chimpanzees in the Congo were used by the researchers.
  • It was found in the study that chimpanzees that had prosocial behavior tend to take a faster time to react to tasks that involved cooperation.

"The chimpanzee could give a partner an object that was out of reach. Individual chimpanzees that were more likely to lend a hand were also the fastest to respond to their partner's problem. In general, this supports situations in which cooperative individuals tend to make prosocial choices faster than selfish people."

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