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Get up close with lions and zebras—right this instant

March 4, 2019

If you really enjoy the outdoors, National Geographic released the first episode of their new series called "The Okavango Experience." A team in Botswana filmed for three weeks as they observed the wildlife and ecosystems. In northern Botswana there is a very large freshwater wetland referred to as the Okavango Delta. It is a very intriguing spot because many different species can be found here. The mission of the excursion was to figure out the unknown about the wetlands and to find ways to help preserve the area and water for the animals and people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Botswana is home to one of the most diverse range of species found on Earth.
  • By using a canoe to explore the region, this allows for great imagery in a least invasive manner.
  • By showcasing the biodiversity in the films, scientist hope to raise conservation awareness for the region.

"Over the course of three weeks, three filmmakers joined the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project team in Botswana as they surveyed the wildlife and ecosystems by canoe."

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