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Get up close with lions and zebras—right this instant

If you really enjoy the outdoors, National Geographic released the first episode of their new series called "The Okavango Experience." A team in Botswana filmed for three weeks as they observed the wildlife and ecosystems. In northern Botswana there is a very large freshwater wetland referred to as the Okavango Delta. It is a very [...]

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How Did Rifles With an American Stamp End Up in the Hands of African Poachers?

Three years ago in 2014, Sandy McDonald started finding .375 caliber hunting rifles called Safari Classics scattered across his reserve in Mozambique. He started inquiring as to why he was finding rifles with an American seal on the grounds of African territory. It is suspected that these Safari Classics were illegally imported by their parent [...]

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Where lions were once hunted, they’ve miraculously reclaimed the land

At one point, hunters had killed all but two lions — an adult lioness and her cub — at Botswana’s Selinda Game Reserve. Then, Derek and Beverly Joubert, two National Geographic photographers started buying up every lion hunting license issued for 13 years. During this time, two male lions from Namibia showed up, and started [...]

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Okavango Delta: Africa's forgotten geographic treasure at grave risk

The Okavango River Basin covers so many miles over the terrain of multiple countries. It is known to have many liver organisms on it that rely on all that it has to offer. People who have traveled to visit it are amazed by what they see. The wildlife is plentiful and it is home to [...]

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Travel on Trial: Picking up poo? You've got to get your hands dirty on a rhino conservation safari

Like with most animals, scientists are able to learn more about an individual from looking at their scat, or dung. What they ate, how they are feeling and where they live can all be learned from studying scat. However, rhinos also use their dung to communicate with each other - to warn if one rhino [...]

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Celebrating World Elephant Day | Londolozi Blog

As the world marks the 7th International Elephant Day, it?s important to take stock of the serious threats that still face wild elephant populations despite their formal move from ?Endangered? to ?Threatened? status. While a few tourist-friendly areas retain healthy populations of elephants, across the continent overall are in serious trouble. Over 100 elephants are [...]

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15 Intimate Portraits of Lions

Lions are just one of many threatened species in the world right now. They might not stand at the top of the most threatened species list, but they have likely earned the distinction of being the most charismatic of the bunch. When the famed and beloved Cecil the Lion was illegally hunted and killed, it [...]

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The Best Luxury Family Safaris – For the Vacation of a Lifetime

“I like animals. I like natural history. The travel bit is not the important bit. The travel bit is what you have to do in order to go and look at animals.” Sir David Attenborough 9 Reasons an African Family Safari is Different to Every Other Vacation Safari is both a celebration of Africa’s wildlife [...]

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The Best African Family Safaris For You

Most vacations revolve around what you see and do. An African family safari concerns what you feel. Surreal wilderness becomes your adventure playground, creating space and privacy to be together as a family. Senses are continually enlivened, helping you escape from everyday pressures and challenges. Majestic animals become your neighbors and there is always another [...]

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