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7 Best Places To Safari In Uganda

Gorilla Safari Consultants have come together to build a list of suggestions when it comes to the best treks to take on while visiting Uganda. First on their list is Bwindi Forest National Park. Visitors have the potential to witness over 400 different species of flora, as well as a rainforest that is over 25,000 […]

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Chimpanzees react faster to cooperate than make selfish choices

Chimpanzees are some incredible animals. They are different than others in the sense that they truly work in packs. While they are not the only animal to work in packs, they do it to an extent that is just a little bit more than other species. Chimps are not selfish at all and it shows […]

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Who Has the 'Cleaner' Bed: Chimps or Humans?

Chimpanzees are known to spend their nights in tree-top nests. Have you ever wondered how clean their sleeping quarters are compared to ours.Scientists have compared microbes in human and chimpanzee sleeping areas for the first time. scientists learned that just 3.5 percent of the bacteria species present came from the chimps? own skin, saliva, or […]

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The term 'alpha male' is being used incorrectly, says the expert who helped populate the term

In modern times, the term 'alpha male' is often used to describe masculine tendencies that are toxic and harassing in nature. Frans de Waal argues that this couldn't be further from the truth. While alpha males are often intimidating in mother nature, they are actually quite kind and generous to those around them. This is […]

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