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If you have ever wanted to know all of your questions about elephants or giraffes, Peter Wrege from the Elephant Listening Project and Steph Fennessy with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation have the answers. For example, the trunk is a unique part of the elephant. The trunk alone has over 40,000 muscles and is more than […]

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According to some underground footage taken, a hunters convention was selling items such as elephant skin furniture, paintings on elephant ears, and hippopotamus products including skulls in Reno, Nevada. To purchase hippo products, one must prove that the products are over 100 years old and antique. Additionally, hunting trips to bag lions were for sale […]

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AI-equipped cameras will help spot wildlife poachers before they can kill

Elephant poaching is becoming a huge threat to the elephant population, especially in areas like Tanzania. The problem is that many national parks only have a certain amount of rangers, and they are unable to identify and confront every poacher that comes onto the territory. There is a conservation organization called Resolve that has recently […]

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Amazing Footage: Baby Elephant Takes its First Steps |Londolozi Blog

When an elephant is born, the mother is extremely protective over her child. However, when witnessing this baby elephant and the mother, the mom was extremely peaceful in our presence. The baby calf was not very aware of its surroundings but it seemed to be loving the attention of its mother. It was so cute […]

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Important Elephant facts Native to 37 African countries Approximately 415k remain yearly 8% of population is poached Scientific Name Loxodonta africana Weight 3.5 to 6.5 tn. (7,000 to 13,200 lb.) Size Up to 11 ft. tall Life span 60 to 70 years Habitat Dense forests to open plains Diet Herbivorous Gestation About 22 months Predators […]

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Understanding How Elephants Think Is Key to Protecting Them

Elephants are animals that have an innate ability to bring people together. Though many few people have any type of relationship with elephants, there is a genuine consensus that people feel bad for elephants. They do not understand how powerful these creatures are! However, it is no secret that the amount of elephants has dwindled […]

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Scientists Look to Elephants to Create Better Robots

In the modern world, technology is a real thing that has improved the lives of many people. Elephants are some of the most amazing animals in the world and they are now being studied for the next stage of robotics. The way that elephants use their trunks to eat food, or bring it to their […]

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In Zambia, Groaning Hippos, Growling Leopards and Mango-Stealing Elephants

The world that is in Africa is different than anything you have ever seen before. Still to this day, Africa has a ton of catching up to do when it comes to modernizing the civilizations that are there. Some people who are from Africa do not realize how backwards it is until they get out. […]

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Why Elephants Don’t Shed Their Skin

Elephants are some of the most unique animals in the entire world. They are huge and they roll together in packs. They are very protective of their own and if provoked, they can be extremely dangerous to anyone in their vicinity. Many people do not know that about elephants as there are a ton of […]

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