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See Wild Dogs and Hyenas Face Off Over a Kill

In the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, wild dogs and hyenas are constantly battling for supremacy as the number one predator. As the two species fight over food resources, it's a perfect example of how the wild ecosystem functions. Although they look similar, hyenas with spots can weigh more than a hundred pounds […]

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About 90 elephants killed, poached near wildlife sanctuary in Africa: EWB

The elephants in Africa are becoming few and further in between as there are many people that are trying to hunt. The skin of an elephant is very marketable and tough which makes it a great product to sell. However, that clearly comes with a cost. The elephants are dying out and are close to […]

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Celebrating World Elephant Day | Londolozi Blog

As the world marks the 7th International Elephant Day, it?s important to take stock of the serious threats that still face wild elephant populations despite their formal move from ?Endangered? to ?Threatened? status. While a few tourist-friendly areas retain healthy populations of elephants, across the continent overall are in serious trouble. Over 100 elephants are […]

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A Close Elephant Encounter at Mabalingwe | Real-Time Animal Reports in Kruger & Other National Parks

Park rangers at Mabalingwe Game Reserve once happened upon a herd of elephants gathered around what turned out to be a newborn calf. The elephants formed a circle around the calf, and one young bull ran the rangers off. This encounter left the rangers somewhat shaken and humbled at the demonstration of the unpredictability of […]

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This Baby Elephant Might Be Feeling 'Awkward'

Elephants are some of those animals that many people know absolutely nothing about. It is sad to say because they are some of the most unique animals on the planet. Thankfully, they are not at a massive risk of being extinct anymore which is why baby elephants are easier to study these days. Baby elephants […]

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A gigantic trek: what it takes to move 200 elephants 1500 km

Debeers mining group, which mines diamonds in south Africa, has taken on the task of moving a herd of wild elephants to a location almost 2000 kilometers. This takes a lot of coordination as well as personnel to make sure the elephants arrive safely . Helicopters are being used to herd all 200 animals together […]

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Heard of Snow Leopards? What about Snow Elephants?

Elephants and giraffes can be seen between snow-covered trees in the Karoo semi-desert at the Asanta Sana Game Farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. When thinking about game parks‚ one normally thinks about animals feeding on big‚ green trees‚ rolling hills and bright hot sun. But these are very different scenes. Giraffe, elephant and […]

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The new buzz in elephant conservation: a bee-scented repellent

Scientist are now using honey bee pheromones to keep elephants away from areas where they may encounter harm or do harm. One example of this is croplands, where elephants may consume or damage crops while traveling through the area. other countries are considering this method to keep elephants away from dangerous elephant and human interaction […]

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Just How Efficient is Nature's Cleanup Crew? | Londolozi Blog

A recent photo of vultures feeding on an elephant carcass reveals just how incredible nature's "cleanup crew" can be. Within 36 hours after the elephant's death, the carcass was reduce to pure bones. It fed many vultures, hyenas, and other critters. Hyenas first approached the elephant - with several clans fighting to claim it. After […]

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