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Unprecedented collaring effort aims to protect Tanzania's threatened elephants

Tanzania has enlisted the help of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) in order to help them save their elephants from becoming even more endangered. It has been reported that over 90% of Tanzania's elephant population has become eradicated in recent years. Activists and environmentalists want to ensure that this number decreases, and they are planning […]

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Can Bees Help Save Elephants From Train Strikes?

Elephants being hit by trains may not be a thing commuters worry about in big U.S cities. But, in India it is becoming a concern, where train tracks converge on forest land. Foraging elephants have been killed simply because the greenery they sought happened to be alongside a track.The problem is escalating as the elephant […]

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This Baby Elephant Might Be Feeling 'Awkward'

Humans tend to display certain characteristics when they are feeling awkward or out of place, and elephants are not exempt from showing the same types of behaviors. A baby elephant named Happy located in South Africa was seen swinging his trunk around when he was unable to reach the water. Onlookers suggest that this movement […]

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Elephants in the firing line as Botswana moves to lift ban on hunting

Botswana is known for being inherently rich in wildlife, but unfortunately these forms of wildlife are going to be at stake when a ban on hunting may be lifted. Elephants are known as one of the most sacred animals, but they will most likely be first in the firing line due to how valuable their […]

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