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7 Best Places To Safari In Uganda

Gorilla Safari Consultants have come together to build a list of suggestions when it comes to the best treks to take on while visiting Uganda. First on their list is Bwindi Forest National Park. Visitors have the potential to witness over 400 different species of flora, as well as a rainforest that is over 25,000 […]

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Yikes. Giraffes Now on Endangered Species List

In the year of 2011, western black rhinos were declared extinct, and unfortunately, statistics are showing that giraffes are not far from the same fate. These extinctions are often a result of human behaviors such as environmental destruction and harmful hunting practices such as poaching. There are two larger subspecies of giraffes: the Kordofan giraffe, […]

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Is There Hope for These Great Apes?

The great apes of the past are in a tough situation. They are not out in numbers anymore and they do not have a very good outlook on the future. Throughout the years, apes have become closer and closer to being extinct. There is less reproduction going on and as a result, the number of […]

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Important Rhino facts There are 2 species of African rhino Rhinos can gallop up to 30 miles per hour Black rhino population down 97.6% since 1960 Scientific Name Black: Diceros bicornis White: Ceratotherium simum Weight Black: 1 to 1.5 tn. (2,000 to 3,000 lb.) White: More than 2 tn. (4,000+ lb.) Size About 60 in. […]

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Mountain Gorilla

Important Mountain Gorilla facts Less than 1,000 remain today Live in 4 national parks Lifespan of 40-50 years Scientific Name Gorilla beringei beringei Weight Males: Up to 400 lbs. Females: 215 lbs Size Males: up to 6-ft. tall Females: up to 5-ft. tall Life span 40 to 50 years Habitat Dense forest, rain forest Diet […]

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Important Leopard facts Listed as 'vulnerable' in 1986 by IUCN There are 9 recognized subspecies Native to more than 35 African countries Scientific Name Panthera pardus Weight Up to 140 lb. Size About 28 in. at the shoulder Life span Up to 21 years in captivity Habitat Bush and riverine forest Diet Carnivorous Gestation 2.5 […]

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Important Lion facts Population decreased 42% in 21 years Regionally extinct in 7 African countries Declared as 'vulnerable' in 1996 by IUCN Scientific Name Panthero Leo Weight 330 to 500+ lb. Size 48 in. at the shoulder Life span 10 to 14 years in the wild; up to 20 years in captivity Habitat Grassy plains […]

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Important Giraffe facts An estimated 95k remain Live across 4 different countries Females range on more than 2 square miles of territory Scientific Name Litocranius walleri Weight 80 to 115 lb. Size 35 to 40 in. at the shoulder Life span Up to 13 years in captivity Habitat Woodland forest to open plains Diet Herbivorous […]

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All-Female Wildlife Avengers Take Out Rhino Poachers

There are a lot of people out there that love hunting. Some people look at it as a sport and there is a massive thrill of taking out some of the largest, most fierce animals out there. It is not easy for some other people to understand but that is reality. The people that are […]

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