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Yikes. Giraffes Now on Endangered Species List

In the year of 2011, western black rhinos were declared extinct, and unfortunately, statistics are showing that giraffes are not far from the same fate. These extinctions are often a result of human behaviors such as environmental destruction and harmful hunting practices such as poaching. There are two larger subspecies of giraffes: the Kordofan giraffe, […]

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AI-equipped cameras will help spot wildlife poachers before they can kill

Elephant poaching is becoming a huge threat to the elephant population, especially in areas like Tanzania. The problem is that many national parks only have a certain amount of rangers, and they are unable to identify and confront every poacher that comes onto the territory. There is a conservation organization called Resolve that has recently […]

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Snaring has become the greatest threat to African lions

The wildlife populations in Africa are currently expanding, which is leading to an increase in snaring incidences among residences. Wildlife experts in the area are now finding more and more animals harmed by these snare attacks, and the majority do not end up making it out alive. In 24 Africian countries, civilians reported that they […]

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How Did Rifles With an American Stamp End Up in the Hands of African Poachers?

Three years ago in 2014, Sandy McDonald started finding .375 caliber hunting rifles called Safari Classics scattered across his reserve in Mozambique. He started inquiring as to why he was finding rifles with an American seal on the grounds of African territory. It is suspected that these Safari Classics were illegally imported by their parent […]

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3 Alleged Rhino Poachers Eaten by Lions

On July 3rd, an anti-poaching unit led by Nick Fox, owner of Sibuya, a South African game reserve, discovered what are believed to be the remains of three alleged rhino poachers who had been eaten by lions. Althought the team found only one skull and a few pelvic bones, they estimate that there were three […]

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To end wildlife trafficking, engage with local communities

Wildlife trafficking is a real issue and it is something that is still happening in today's day and age. It is hard to get people to stop doing these things because they have grown up knowing it to be a part of their lives. In South Africa, and countries like it, this kind of behavior […]

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Understanding How Elephants Think Is Key to Protecting Them

Elephants are animals that have an innate ability to bring people together. Though many few people have any type of relationship with elephants, there is a genuine consensus that people feel bad for elephants. They do not understand how powerful these creatures are! However, it is no secret that the amount of elephants has dwindled […]

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All-Female Wildlife Avengers Take Out Rhino Poachers

There are a lot of people out there that love hunting. Some people look at it as a sport and there is a massive thrill of taking out some of the largest, most fierce animals out there. It is not easy for some other people to understand but that is reality. The people that are […]

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Nature in steep decline due to human activities: WWF Living Planet Report 2018

There is a large decline in the abundance of nature in the world today. It is no secret that human work has cut into many forms of nature as we had formally known it. There is more space out there for people to develop land and things of that nature. There is not as many […]

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