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In Zambia, Groaning Hippos, Growling Leopards and Mango-Stealing Elephants

The world that is in Africa is different than anything you have ever seen before. Still to this day, Africa has a ton of catching up to do when it comes to modernizing the civilizations that are there. Some people who are from Africa do not realize how backwards it is until they get out. […]

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Travel on Trial: Picking up poo? You've got to get your hands dirty on a rhino conservation safari

Like with most animals, scientists are able to learn more about an individual from looking at their scat, or dung. What they ate, how they are feeling and where they live can all be learned from studying scat. However, rhinos also use their dung to communicate with each other - to warn if one rhino […]

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Slaughtered rhino embodies South Africa's poaching crisis

The sobering find of a mother rhino, killed for her horn, turns attention to poaching in South Africa. Her young calf was saved, but the mother's loss is a blow to the small rhino population. However, there is some hope. Cracking down on poaching with different techniques and highly trained dogs have lowered the poaching […]

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See Wild Dogs and Hyenas Face Off Over a Kill

In the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, wild dogs and hyenas are constantly battling for supremacy as the number one predator. As the two species fight over food resources, it's a perfect example of how the wild ecosystem functions. Although they look similar, hyenas with spots can weigh more than a hundred pounds […]

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Celebrating World Elephant Day | Londolozi Blog

As the world marks the 7th International Elephant Day, it?s important to take stock of the serious threats that still face wild elephant populations despite their formal move from ?Endangered? to ?Threatened? status. While a few tourist-friendly areas retain healthy populations of elephants, across the continent overall are in serious trouble. Over 100 elephants are […]

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PICTURES: Spot the snow giraffe | CapeTown ETC

Most people don't think of snow and giraffes and elephants and the like in the same sentence, but a surprise snow fall in the Matroosberg Reserve gave residents a cool adventure. The snow quickly disappeared, but not before Ishani Chetty(writing for the Cape {Town} Etc website) was able to capture some unique images of the […]

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Helping Cultivate a Future for Rwanda's Gorillas | Conservation, Lodges and Camps | Singita

More than 60 percent of the world?s mountain gorillas live in verdant range of six dormant and two active volcanoes straddling the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Singita has invested extensively in ecotourism projects such as the Singita Kwitonda Lodge, which allows people to explore the wonders of Rwanda?s […]

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A Close Elephant Encounter at Mabalingwe | Real-Time Animal Reports in Kruger & Other National Parks

Park rangers at Mabalingwe Game Reserve once happened upon a herd of elephants gathered around what turned out to be a newborn calf. The elephants formed a circle around the calf, and one young bull ran the rangers off. This encounter left the rangers somewhat shaken and humbled at the demonstration of the unpredictability of […]

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Leopard Plays With Prey’s Own Bones

South African park rangers recently filmed a leopard making use of the jawbone of a freshly-caught warthog to open and probe its porcine prey. While the jury is still out on whether this ?really? constitutes tool use, nearly everyone who has seen this footage, including South African park rangers, a photo guide and a Panthera […]

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