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See the Last Footage of Rare Tree-Climbing Lions

Eleven lion cubs had been poisoned in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.Braczkowski, a wildlife film maker working with NatGeo, states that in this case, while not directly intentional, can and will very easily happen again. They were exposed to a pesticide that unfortunately lead to their doom. The film maker states that with the […]

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Meet the Man Who Knew Cecil the Lion Best

Cecil the Lion was part of a nearly decade long study conducted by a research fellow at Oxford by the name of Andrew Loveridge. Over a half a decade ago, Loveridge had collared the big cat shortly after it had been relocated to Hwange national Park in Zimbabwe, Africa. In his book, "Lion Hearted", Loveridge […]

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A gigantic trek: what it takes to move 200 elephants 1500 km

Debeers mining group, which mines diamonds in south Africa, has taken on the task of moving a herd of wild elephants to a location almost 2000 kilometers. This takes a lot of coordination as well as personnel to make sure the elephants arrive safely . Helicopters are being used to herd all 200 animals together […]

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Unprecedented collaring effort aims to protect Tanzania's threatened elephants

Tanzania has enlisted the help of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) in order to help them save their elephants from becoming even more endangered. It has been reported that over 90% of Tanzania's elephant population has become eradicated in recent years. Activists and environmentalists want to ensure that this number decreases, and they are planning […]

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Man Joins African Safari Adventure, Gets Shock Of A Lifetime When Cheetah Jumps Inside Jeep

Britton Hayes of Seattle was on a safari in the Gol Kopjes of the Serengeti when he got the surprise of a lifetime. A curious cheetah decided to get a closer look at the safari-goers who were watching him. The inquisitive carnivore climbed through the back window of Hayes? vehicle and began sniffing around as […]

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South African safari puts rhinos’ plight in plain sight | The Star

Rhinos are headed for extinction, fast. Poaching remains a huge problem, as the horns are prized for many reasons, especially in the countries of Vietnam and China. They are often more profitable than precious medals or diamonds. They are given as rare gifts, used for medicine, and even as drugs believed to get one high. […]

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Essential Camera Features and Settings for Safari Photography

Capturing wildlife in their natural essence is one of the most beautiful ways to illustrate the beauty surrounding animals and their surrounding scenery. The hues and exquisite details serve for some gorgeous stills. There are many features your camera should be equipped with before going on your photography journey in the wild. For instance, having […]

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The Best Luxury Family Safaris – For the Vacation of a Lifetime

“I like animals. I like natural history. The travel bit is not the important bit. The travel bit is what you have to do in order to go and look at animals.” Sir David Attenborough 9 Reasons an African Family Safari is Different to Every Other Vacation Safari is both a celebration of Africa’s wildlife […]

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The Best African Family Safaris For You

Most vacations revolve around what you see and do. An African family safari concerns what you feel. Surreal wilderness becomes your adventure playground, creating space and privacy to be together as a family. Senses are continually enlivened, helping you escape from everyday pressures and challenges. Majestic animals become your neighbors and there is always another […]

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