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Canada’s Dr. Anne Innis Dagg has been studying giraffes since the year 1956, when she packed up all of her belongings at just 23 years old in order to leave to South Africa and study them within their natural habitats. Dr. Dagg decided to embark on this journey after her successful scientific career was becoming [...]

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3 Alleged Rhino Poachers Eaten by Lions

On July 3rd, an anti-poaching unit led by Nick Fox, owner of Sibuya, a South African game reserve, discovered what are believed to be the remains of three alleged rhino poachers who had been eaten by lions. Althought the team found only one skull and a few pelvic bones, they estimate that there were three [...]

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To end wildlife trafficking, engage with local communities

Wildlife trafficking is a real issue and it is something that is still happening in today's day and age. It is hard to get people to stop doing these things because they have grown up knowing it to be a part of their lives. In South Africa, and countries like it, this kind of behavior [...]

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All-Female Wildlife Avengers Take Out Rhino Poachers

There are a lot of people out there that love hunting. Some people look at it as a sport and there is a massive thrill of taking out some of the largest, most fierce animals out there. It is not easy for some other people to understand but that is reality. The people that are [...]

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Travel on Trial: Picking up poo? You've got to get your hands dirty on a rhino conservation safari

Like with most animals, scientists are able to learn more about an individual from looking at their scat, or dung. What they ate, how they are feeling and where they live can all be learned from studying scat. However, rhinos also use their dung to communicate with each other - to warn if one rhino [...]

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Slaughtered rhino embodies South Africa's poaching crisis

The sobering find of a mother rhino, killed for her horn, turns attention to poaching in South Africa. Her young calf was saved, but the mother's loss is a blow to the small rhino population. However, there is some hope. Cracking down on poaching with different techniques and highly trained dogs have lowered the poaching [...]

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Hippos Save Wildebeest from Crocodiles! | Real-Time Animal Reports in Kruger & Other National Parks

Crocodiles are the type of animals that look scary and that no one wants to mess with. No one even cares to learn about crocodiles or what makes them tick. The reports from a lot of the people in the wilderness is that crocodiles are not very friendly. No matter how you look at it [...]

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See Wild Dogs and Hyenas Face Off Over a Kill

In the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, wild dogs and hyenas are constantly battling for supremacy as the number one predator. As the two species fight over food resources, it's a perfect example of how the wild ecosystem functions. Although they look similar, hyenas with spots can weigh more than a hundred pounds [...]

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A Close Elephant Encounter at Mabalingwe | Real-Time Animal Reports in Kruger & Other National Parks

Park rangers at Mabalingwe Game Reserve once happened upon a herd of elephants gathered around what turned out to be a newborn calf. The elephants formed a circle around the calf, and one young bull ran the rangers off. This encounter left the rangers somewhat shaken and humbled at the demonstration of the unpredictability of [...]

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