April 8, 2019

If you have ever wanted to know all of your questions about elephants or giraffes, Peter Wrege from the Elephant Listening Project and Steph Fennessy with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation have the answers. For example, the trunk is a unique part of the elephant. The trunk alone has over 40,000 muscles and is more than just a long nose as it is used to assist in reaching food and eat more in a shorter period of time. Giraffes, on the other hand, have an unusual purple tongue. The giraffe’s tongue is long to assist with reaching food, while it’s unique color may be a means to protect it against the sun.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elephant trunks are a result of evolution and serve to help the elephant reach food in tall places.
  • Giraffe tongues are thought to be purple because the color protects the giraffe skin and acts as a natural sunscreen.
  • Both giraffes and elephants, compared to humans, have more bone structures and muscles to help them function and survive in the wild.

“”Elephant trunks are one of the most amazing things anywhere. The trunk of an elephant is a really long nose, but a whole lot more useful than ours is! Elephant trunks have more than 40,000 muscles, which lets them do just about anything with their trunk,” says Peter Wrege.”

Read more:http://digital.vpr.net/post/why-do-elephants-have-trunks-why-do-giraffes-have-purple-tongues#stream/0

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