2 August 2018

Essential Camera Features and Settings for Safari Photography

Post by Editor

Capturing wildlife in their natural essence is one of the most beautiful ways to illustrate the beauty surrounding animals and their surrounding scenery. The hues and exquisite details serve for some gorgeous stills. There are many features your camera should be equipped with before going on your photography journey in the wild. For instance, having a stabilization feature is vital to make sure that the telephoto lens does not create too much shaking and disorientation in the shots.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you aim to take pictures of animals on a safari trip, don’t set your expectations too high. Try to enjoy the experience first.
  • Go for an optical zoom lens rather than a digital zoom. The lens should have at least 300mm full-frame equivalent.
  • Employ optical image stabilization on your camera. This is to offset camera shake when holding it.

“”Rather than provide a list of ideal cameras on the market right now, this is more of a guide of features to look out for, thus future proofing this article.””

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