18 April 2019

Giraffes new addition to the list of “endangered” animals – Top Health Journal

Post by Editor

Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia are the three main countries that giraffes are found in, but unfortunately, it seems as though they may not have the ability to sustain life for much longer. Experts are warning that all giraffes; not just one species; may be joining other animals on the endangered species list. This is due to their habitat being altered by issues such as human infiltration which gets in the way of them thriving to their fullest potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world’s giraffe population has been declining quickly over the past three decades.
  • Giraffes have lived primarily on Africa’s borders, in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.
  • Because of the abundant meat on them, giraffes have been hunted by the military to provide sustenance for the troops.

“There have been numerous reasons identified for the possible decline in giraffe’s population. Mainly it is believed that due to severe damage to the animal’s habitat has made it difficult to sustain living. The habitat loss has been attributed to the ongoing civil war in Africa where giraffes were known to exist in large numbers.”

Read more: https://tophealthjournal.com/5327/giraffes-new-addition-to-the-list-of-endangered-animals/

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