Guide To Where To Safari in Africa

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“We felt like a king and queen...on a glorious once in a lifetime journey.”
Dr Patrick Matlou, Deputy Director General South Africa Department of Tourism & Environmental Affairs

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Definitive Guide On Where to Safari in Africa

A lion sleeps on a dusty savannah, one eye open to watch you pass. This is Africa. Hundreds of elephants gather along a riverbank, some splashing, others using their trunks as snorkels. This is also Africa. A thousand zebra huddle together on lush grasslands, bashful black rhinos emerge from the bushes, upwards of a million wildebeest are on the move. It’s all Africa, the continent where you come face to face with wild nature. So where to safari in Africa? In the places that most excite your imagination.

Safari isn’t a documentary of scenes carefully spliced together; it’s far too exciting and surprising for that. Distinctive habitats support different wildlife populations. Each wild ecosystem has its subtlety and nuance, making generalizations challenging. For us, planning where to safari in Africa doesn’t start with a question about which country or park: why start the journey by restricting its possibility? Instead, where to safari in Africa starts with a very different consideration – the type of safari destination.

Oh hippo, so misunderstood my friend
a black rhino in Etosha National Park
Some places are rarer than others
where to safari in Africa to see elephants like these
Safari is a Swahili word meaning journey
Namibia's sand dunes
Places you can be alone
a leopard on the trail on a luxury African safari
Places where you are never alone
  • Oh hippo, so misunderstood my friend