11 September 2018

Heard of Snow Leopards? What about Snow Elephants?

Post by ritu

Elephants and giraffes can be seen between snow-covered trees in the Karoo semi-desert at the Asanta Sana Game Farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

When thinking about game parks‚ one normally thinks about animals feeding on big‚ green trees‚ rolling hills and bright hot sun.

But these are very different scenes. Giraffe, elephant and other African animals covered in snow. These scenes played out in the Sneeuberg‚ which translates to snow mountain‚ when these wild animals were captured on camera‚ blanketed in snow.

The snowy‚ wet weather conditions that gripped South Africa’s Eastern Cape provided much-needed relief following drought conditions in the province.

Wildlife lovers have no need to be alarmed about whether the animals can handle it. They can. First, the snow melts pretty quickly. Plus this area, and others that can get some snowfall during South Africa’s winter, are well within the historic range of much of Africa’s fabled wildlife – including lion, leopard, elephant, zebra and giraffe. Elephants & giraffes were photographed by Kitty Vilojen.

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