Planning a safari

Every Safari Needs a Plan

These images will show you the basics of planning an authentic and realistic African safari.

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1. East or Southern Africa?

  • Africa is an enormous continent, three times larger than the United States. Unless you have four weeks to travel, or you plan to fly on private air charters, we recommend you choose one region. East Africa or Southern Africa.

2. Which Countries?

  • South Africa – world-famous Kruger, excellent private reserves, Cape Town and more.
    Botswana – Okavango Delta, Kalahari, Chobe, private concessions and more.
    Tanzania – The Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro, wildebeest migration and much more.

3. How Much Time Do You Have?

  • Spend two hours on safari and you can glimpse some wild animals. Spend a week on safari and you are immersed in the wildlife world. We don’t believe you can “do” safari in a day. Safari is the ultimate connection with nature and the more time you have the more you discover. See how long is a safari?

4. When Do You Want To Go?

  • The experience will be different in the green and dry seasons. And those seasons are different dependent on the region you travel to. But there is no best time for an African safari, other than now, before these wildernesses vanish from our world. So we simply recommend making the time to make safari a reality. When to go in depth.

5. What Do You Want To Do?

6. National Park vs Private Concession?

  • Do you know the difference between a national park and a private concession? Don’t worry, most people don’t. Concessions are more intimate and private, with a greater flexibility and choice over activities. National parks are larger and usually have more animals. It’s important to realize how their differences will impact on your safari experience.

7. Where Will You Stay?

  • Accommodation plays a central role in every vacation. It’s especially important on an African safari. Location is everything for safari accommodation. The best lodges and camps are in the most wildlife-rich areas, so the safari continues every moment of the day. Lodge? Camp? Mobile camp? Is it safe with so many animals around? Read more here.

8. How Much Is a Safari Worth?

  • To see animals you can go to a zoo. On an authentic African safari you travel to some of the world’s greatest wildernesses. You enjoy the ultimate connection with nature and live among the wildlife world. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience and that’s a good way to start thinking about how much it costs.

9. What Is Your Budget?

  • If you just want to photograph a lion then you can pay $30 and visit a zoo. If you want the authentic African safari experience it is not so cheap. Luxury is in the wildlife experience and luxury safaris start from $800 per person per day. This page explains what you get for different budgets.

10. What About Conservation?

  • African safaris enable conservation. They help local communities become economically sustainable, empowering them to protect the wilderness from poachers and other threats. Safari is also a mechanism for the wildlife to pay their way, at a time when there is incredible manmade demand for land. Your safari will make a powerful contribution to conservation. Read more about conservation.

11. What Do I Do Next?

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