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1. Which Destinations?

  • Once you’ve decided on an African region, then selected one or two countries to visit, you can now piece together different safari destinations. Our Africa map highlights the best safari destinations in Africa. Take a look around and see which inspire you the most. Then take a look at what is nearby and build out your safari plan

2. How Long At Each Destination?

  • Different destinations require different amounts of time. For example, you need an absolute minimum of 72 hours for the Serengeti. But two nights and one day is perfect for Ngorongoro. In our country guides you’ll find this sort of information for each of the major destinations. South Africa. Botswana. Tanzania. Kenya. Gorilla trekking.

3. How Will You Get Around?

  • Minimizing travel time is really important and we recommend local safari flights. You will enjoy beautiful views as you hop between wildernesses and touch down on remote airstrips. Private charters or the use of your own plane provide more expedited travel, a good option for more ambitious itineraries.

4. What’s On the Daily Program?

  • Different activities are possible at different safari destinations. Now is a good time to cross reference what you want to do with the places you plan to go. Remember that many activities are only possible in private concessions, including game walks and game drives that go off the trails.

5. What Do You Want To Do?

6. Is Your Dream Safari Realistic?

  • Take another look at the map of Africa. Will all the places you want to visit fit into the time you have? You need time to truly appreciate these wild places, so we’d always look to simplify a plan rather than squash it full with too many destinations and experiences.

7. Do You Want a Private Safari?

8.Selecting Your Safari Accommodation

  • We believe luxury is the wildlife experience. When choosing safari accommodation we place a premium on location, rather than extravagant interiors. As you compare accommodation think about whether the lodges or camps are positioned in wildlife-rich area.

9. Don’t Be Overawed by the Planning

  • We’ve been customizing safaris for over a quarter of a century. And we know that there are no hard and fast answers to many of the questions you have. With so many variables it can become a little daunting. But a once in a lifetime experience should always be fun, even when you are doing the planning.

10. Discuss Your Plan With the Safari Experts

11. What Else Can I Do Next?

  • Our website provides a definitive inside guide to all things related to African safari. Explore the different articles and you’ll find detailed advice and inspiration for making your safari a reality. These pages are a good starting point if you are new to the site.Luxury Safari. Private Safari. Family Safari.
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