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Every Safari Starts With a Dream

These images will help you understand what an African safari is all about. It’s a two-minute introduction to what is possible.

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  • At a zoo you witness captive animals in a manmade environment. On a safari you experience wild animals in their own, wild habitat. It is the ultimate connection to nature. You must accept the invitation into their wild world. You must explore wildernesses and landscapes that are unchanged by man.

2. What About the Animals

  • A safari is much more than ticking animals off a list. At a zoo the animals are separated from each other. In the wilderness they are interacting with each other. Nothing is experienced in isolation. So you don’t merely see animals, you become one with the rhythm of the wild.

3. Understanding Africa

  • Africa is more than three times the size of the United States. It has 54 countries. Some of the safari wildernesses are the size of Florida. In general, safari destinations are located in areas that have traditionally been free of human habitation. They are spread across an enormous continent. You will need to fly to Africa, and then travel onwards.

4. Southern and East Africa

  • There are two main regions for an African safari. Southern Africa, including South Africa and Botswana, along with their neighbors Namibia and Zimbabwe. Then there is East Africa, where we recommend a safari in Tanzania and Kenya, plus gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

5. Animals and Their Habitat

  • Every wilderness is different and that is the beauty of an African safari. A zoo brings different animals into a manmade, captive environment. On a safari, every habitat you explore has a distinctive animal population. It’s rare to see allyour favorite animals in one place. Instead, you find all your favorite animals in their own favorite habitat.

6. Safari Never Stops

  • At a zoo you’re on the outside looking in to a cage. On a safari you’re on the inside, immersed in the animals’ world. Once you’re on the inside the safari doesn’t stop. It doesn’t have a specific start time either. You’re in the wilderness and the experience continues every moment of the day.

7. Safari Activities

  • In order to fully explore the animals’ world you will go on different guided activities. The most common and well-known is a game drive. You can also go on nighttime game drives, game walks, boat safaris, balloon safaris, riding safaris and others. Each destination offers a different mix of activities and safari programs can be flexible.

8. A Recap

  • Just to recap. There are different habitats, home to different animal populations, and then there are different ways to explore. This creates almost endless possibility. So keep dreaming, because the experiences you dream will be possible somewhere in Africa. Just one thing – on a safari you observe and admire animals, you never touch or influence them.

9. How Long Is a Safari

  • Visit a zoo and you can quickly see many different animals in one manmade place. Visit a wilderness and you must search for the animals in their world. That is the beauty of the experience. The longer you spend on safari the more you have chance to see. The longer you spend the greater your connection with nature.

10. When To Go

  • Africa’s animals don’t vanish at a certain time of year. So we don’t subscribe to any best or worst time to go. We think you should go on safari before it’s too late. Just try and make time so you can go on safari, whenever that may be.

11. Your Contribution to Conservation

  • An African safari is a once in a lifetime vacation. It is also your legacy, your powerful contribution to protecting Africa’s wildlife. Safari tourism is the counterweight to trophy hunting and poaching. It is a way to protect a remarkable world for future generations. And it starts with you and your safari.

12. Dream the Possibility

  • You enter their world. So yes, a safari is lions, elephants, leopards and others.It’s also the sounds, smells, subtleties and surprises. It’s the feeling that the wild creates. It’s being privilege to a world where we will only ever be visitors. One day you will be here in Africa to experience it all for yourself.

13. What Do I Do Next?

  • Now you know the basics of an African safari you are ready to explore more. Our website provides a definitive guide to all things safari, with detailed articles on all aspects of the experience. So take a look around and see what you like. When you’re ready we can help plan your dream African safari.
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