6 August 2018

South African safari puts rhinos’ plight in plain sight | The Star

Post by Editor

Rhinos are headed for extinction, fast. Poaching remains a huge problem, as the horns are prized for many reasons, especially in the countries of Vietnam and China. They are often more profitable than precious medals or diamonds. They are given as rare gifts, used for medicine, and even as drugs believed to get one high. A year ago, the last white rhino male died, leaving only two female dependents. Africa’s response to this is to make reserves where one can tour the sanctuaries, while leaving the animals alive. Females are allowed to keep their horns with nursing young, but then it is sawed off, as it will grow back.

Key Takeaways:

  • Guiding the rhino tour was expert Barry Peiser who was sitting in the front seat of the Land Rover.
  • The rhino search is held on a piece of land that is over 35,000-acres, making it quite an expansive tour.
  • The coordinator of the trip was Mariana Venter, who is an expert among the exquisite details surrounding rhinos and their habitats.

“For an additional $125 (U.S.), this up-close-and-personal excursion is designed to bring guests inside the world of its resident rhino population.”

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