25 April 2019

Tanzania: Queen of Poaching Trade Sentenced to 15 Years

Post by Editor

A Tanzanian court recently sentenced a woman named Yang Feng Glan to 15 years in prison. Glan receives this sentence after running one of the largest operations in which ivory tusks were smuggled into Asia illegally for profit. Many people referred to her as the “Ivory Queen”. The amount of ivory that was illegally smuggled into her home country equaled to $6.4 million. The PAMS Foundation has fought for both Glan and her accomplices to cough up twice as much as they made in profit, or face another two years in prison.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Chinese businesswoman, Yang Feng Glan, also nicknamed the “Ivory Queen,” because she was responsible for poaching in the tusks of elephants was sentenced by a tanzanian court.
  • The court ordered the Chinese woman and her two Tanzanian accomplices to pay twice the market value of the elephant tusks or face subsequent two years in prison.
  • Although all three denied the charges leveled against them, court documents showed that they were charged for exporting about 1.889 tonnes of about 860 pieces of ivory.

“China condemned Yang and her trade. “We do not shield the illegal activities of Chinese citizens, and support the relevant Tanzanian authority’s just investigation of and trying of this case in accordance with the law,” said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang.”

Read more: https://www.occrp.org/en/27-ccwatch/cc-watch-briefs/9265-tanzania-queen-of-poaching-trade-sentenced-to-15-years

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