25 July 2018

The Best Luxury Family Safaris – For the Vacation of a Lifetime

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  • “I like animals. I like natural history. The travel bit is not the important bit. The travel bit is what you have to do in order to go and look at animals.” Sir David Attenborough

9 Reasons an African Family Safari is Different to Every Other Vacation

  • Safari is both a celebration of Africa’s wildlife and a celebration of your family.
  • Luxury is in the wildlife experience; you’ll be amazed at how intimate a safari can be.
  • New experiences excite all ages and all mindsets, especially when the safari is tailored to your interests.
  • The incredible sense of scale quickly makes you feel humbled by nature.
  • You’re transported to the heart of a vanishing wildlife world; now is the time to experience it all, before it is too late.
  • It’s easy for every family to have their own, individualized safari program.
  • It’s also easy for everyone in your family to enjoy their own, individualized experience.
  • The wilderness provides an outdoor playground for multigenerational families to come together.

Safari is a Celebration

Millennials like to say that travel is about the journey, not the destination; just try telling that to Grandma after a long-haul flight. We prefer to think that travel is a celebration. And that the safari journey is not just a celebration of Africa’s wildlife, but a celebration of family as well. Nature’s theater isn’t a crowded museum the kids have no interest in visiting. It’s raw and it’s wild and you never wait for the curtain to open. Elephants greet you at breakfast, monkeys swing past the balcony, giraffe are silhouetted against the horizon at sunset.

The best family safari in South Africa isn’t a family trip to the shopping mall. A Tanzanian family safari isn’t pressurized by Western stresses. Wild Africa creates a theater that dazzles in every direction, imbued with details that everyone sees differently. You’re watching a loved-up zebra couple as your cousin or uncle admires the elephants. Old eyes spot a leopard hiding in an acacia tree before young eyes point to a lion far away on the savannah. Even from the same safari vehicle, everyone gets to experience Africa in their own way. And isn’t that what celebrations are about? Everyone enjoying themselves in their own way, while being part of something bigger.

Intimacy and Authenticity

Africa is beyond the stereotypes and preconceptions. You won’t be confronted by scenes from a Live Aid appeal, although you should note that wildlife can occupy the airport runway on far-flung savannah. This is a developing continent with a travel industry that has traditionally focused on the high-end market. It’s not cheap to visit Africa and live out scenes from the wildlife documentaries; but we believe the best African family safaris with kids are always worth what you pay. Scroll down to see more about the price of a family safari.

Luxury is part of our standard package. And by luxury we mean an intimate and authentic experience with Africa’s wildlife. Where else in the world do hyenas provide an alarm call? Or hippos silhouette the horizon while you’re dining beneath the stars. Yes, you can have opulence, but we find that the ultimate luxury comes from the wildlife experience. There’s nowhere else you can come eye to eye with the greatest animals to walk our planet. And it is the encounters with wildlife that create the best luxury family safaris.

Understanding Africa’s Scale

A safari can’t be compared to a zoo. Other than the presence of exotic animals, nothing is similar. As the Lion King and Madagascar may have shown your children or grandchildren (okay, we also confess to the odd Disney craving as well), Africa is the true home of these animals. A cage has space for one. An unbroken and unfenced wilderness has space for nature to thrive. 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra on the Serengeti grasslands are just one highlight from the best Tanzania family safari. 100,000 elephants in Botswana’s Chobe are an unmissable part of the best family safari in Botswana. Just try and picture ten elephants. 100,000? It’s unfathomable, even after you’ve been there countless times.

Animals are everywhere and the scale is legendary. Africa has national parks larger than many European countries and US states. And there’s very little other than the free-roaming wildlife and a handful of visitors. Such a landscape is quick to humble as it transports you into a new realm. With expert guides and personalized programs it can feel like wild Africa is an adventure playground for your family to explore.

Space to Come Together as a Family

Animals need space. That is how a species thrives. People also need space and that’s what an African safari is all about. By removing the inhibitions of home the landscape creates a new space for family. It extends boundaries and can open out comfort zones. Africa is proudly home to the world’s great animal strongholds. These wild spaces offer something very new and different for families; in 25 years of tailoring safaris, we’ve seen these landscapes create togetherness through experience.

And don’t forget that by taking a safari you’re helping preserve these magical landscapes for future generations. Every safari is an affirmative vote for conservation and a huge chunk of the money you spend facilitates the preservation of wildlife and wilderness. As you extend your boundaries, you help rare animals maintain theirs.

This article goes into more depth about the contribution to conservation provided by every African safari.

In the Heart of Nature’s Theater

Hippos wading and yawning as you tuck into a picnic. The trumpeted call of young elephants chasing a warthog. Lions and buffalos facing off. Wildebeest and leopards, and eagles soaring overhead. Your family becomes fully immersed in an untamed animal world. There are few fences or boundaries here, just an open canvas where interaction can thrive.

You don’t experience a snapshot or a photograph. You’re in the heart of it all, such as the best Kenya family safaris that give you a prime spot for watching wildebeest cross the Mara River. Such a unique space creates new interaction within your own family. Through a deep wildlife immersion you’ll find that your family isn’t that much different from all the other mammals around; there are ups and downs, disagreements and celebrations. But the elephants and zebra wouldn’t change family for the world; and neither would you.

Every Family Safari can be Different

Every mammal family is different. There are families within families; bachelor groups cast out from the rest; matriarchs proudly leading; male bulls chasing younger females. There is togetherness and separation and it’s the dynamics of mammal life, nowhere better illustrated than Africa’s wildlife theater.

Just like buffalo herds and lion prides, your family also has its own dynamics. So your family should take its own path in Africa. We’re here to help you with that. We can work around all your needs, from accommodating a family member with disabilities to following a generations-old passion for hippos. We can tailor the best African family safaris with adult children, or craft the ultimate multigenerational family safari vacation. The window to African travel isn’t closed to anyone and we can find a way to ensure your whole family can share in the adventure.

Every family is different so we believe every safari should be different too. Talk to us about your needs and inspirations and we’ll advise you on what’s possible.

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