23 May 2019

US poll says ‘No’ to Botswana plans to hunt and cull elephants

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The Botswana government is mulling lifting the ban on the hunting and culling of its wildlife but the United States, from which most of its tourists come, have said in a poll that they disapprove of that plan. The Remington Research Group for Humane Society International conducted the poll and it was discovered that 75 percent of Americans thought it was important for Botswana to protect its elephants from hunting by trophy hunters while 78 percent said they were not in support of the proposed culling plan. From the poll it was found that many believed that Botswana’s image as a leader in wildlife conservation would be harmed if they went ahead with the plan. In February, it will be noted that the Botswana cabinet recommended the lifting of the ban on culling of wildlife in order to eliminate surplus elephants. The committee said it had done consultations with the tourism industry of which this is doubtful.

Key Takeaways:

  • The United States has overwhelmingly disapproved of the plan by the Botswana authorities to lift the ban on the culling of elephants within its borders.
  • The Remington Research Group for Humane Society International conducted the poll in the United States and it was found that 75 percent of respondent favored protecting elephant populations.
  • The tourism industry have not been consulted by the Botswana government along with communities that benefit from photographic tourism although the government claims otherwise.

“The poll follows a Botswana cabinet committee recommendation in February to lift the hunting ban and start culling ‘surplus’ elephants, despite the country’s known transboundary elephant population.”

Read more: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/us-poll-says-no-to-botswana-plans-to-hunt-and-cull-elephants/

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