Guide to Choosing Where to Stay on Safari

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“Each of the places you chose for us were surpassingly lovely – the best we have ever had”
Cozetta Smith, Memphis

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Where to Stay on Safari

Where to stay on safari is one of Africa’s ultimate highlights. And the best safari lodges in Africa are beyond what you can imagine.

Through the canvas comes a harmony of trumpets. Elephants, hooting in the distance, their approach to the river waking you from slumber. Birds add treble to the soundtrack and there’s the soft scurrying sound of something much closer, a grazer perhaps. Rising from the bed you take a peek outside. Four zebra on the grass, a troop of colobus monkeys high in the trees, and the rumbling approach of those noisy elephants.

Accommodation is an unexpected highlight of a safari. It’s never just a place to sleep. It’s a chance to be fully immersed in the wildlife and wilderness experience, especially at Africa’s best camps and lodges.

This article explains where to stay on safari and why the accommodation is so important to your experience. It then has an overview of camps, mobile camps and lodges, as well as important information about safety. You can then read our guide to choosing the camp or lodge that is best for you, along with our recommendations for where to stay on safari.

An interesting neighbor for three days
zebra walking past a camp in Tanzania
The safari never stops
this article explains where to stay on safari so you are close to lions like this
Always a strange alarm call
afternoon tea is served on a luxury Tanzania safari
Spot of afternoon tea?
having a picnic in the wild
Or a picnic in the bush
Traditional Luxuries
  • An interesting neighbor for three days