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African Safari: An Unforgettable Adventure

And the most exciting and unusual trip of your life!

A Heritage Africa safari trip transports you to a vast unspoiled wilderness that is spectacular to behold   a place of magic, wonder, and wildlife as you have never seen it before: Africa in all its splendor and glory.

Safaris For Animal Lovers

Heritage Africa safaris are for nature lovers. The only “shooting” of animals by our safari members is done with cameras. Seeing animals in the wild, including many endangered species, is what so many of our visitors enjoy most. On your Heritage Africa safari, you are likely to encounter rhinos, elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, lions, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles, to name just a few   there are over 1,100 species of mammals in Africa and 2,600 species of birds.

Active Or Laid Back – You Decide

You can ride or walk on your African safari — or do both — where you can connect with the African bush and see its inhabitants in a safe environment. Our guides will help you capture the bird, animal, and flora photos of the lifetime. You can interact with elephants and cheetahs up close in animal sanctuaries while viewing and photographing lions, leopards, and other wild animals from the safety and protection of your guide-driven safari vehicle or alongside your guide on the walking path.

Our veteran safari leaders are with you every step of the way to ensure your total enjoyment and protection. All Heritage Africa safari leaders are highly trained guides, rangers, and trackers.

On Your Trip To Africa,
Let Heritage Show You The Most Spectacular Sights

During your Heritage Africa safari you are led by one of our experienced African safari guides, who always meet you at the airport. Guided tours of African towns and cities are also available.

This is a “done for you” African trip, planned and customized in every detail by the safari experts at Heritage Africa.

We listen to what you want out of your trip, and then arrange a customized safari so you can do and see whatever you want, wherever you want to go   ensuring that you can put a check mark next to every item on your African safari wish list and exceed your every expectation.

The variety of activities, destinations, and sites available to you on your Heritage Africa safari vacation is dazzling. Choose from hot air ballooning over the vast African savannah and trekking among the world’s tallest sand dunes, to standing before the largest waterfall on Earth and visiting local African villages, museums, restaurants, and wineries.

Schedule Your Trip To Get The Full Africa Experience

Our staff boasts first-hand, in-depth knowledge of both Southern and East Africa   the primary safari regions on the continent. This in-depth knowledge of the land enables you to have a superb experience no matter when your schedule allows you to travel. For instance, in any given season or month, we can take you to the regions and camps with the best weather and opportunities to view the animals you want to see at that time of year.

Best of all, was the fact that we were never left to fend for ourselves because we were met and guided expertly every step of the way. And of course, you were in touch with us as we traveled to make sure everything was to our liking.

Dr. Leslie & Joan Garland
Manhattan Beach, CA

See Africa First-Class All The Way

Africa can put you close to nature during your safari travel but at night you can relax in comfort and even luxury. You’ll stay at accommodations that are like a 5-star hotel in the middle of the bush.

The safari lodges and camps serve gourmet meals. Rooms are comfortable and air conditioned with modern indoor toilets. You’ll sleep on fine linen sheets and cool off in the pools. Wi-Fi service keeps you in touch with friends and colleagues via voice, e-mail, or web with your mobile or laptop.

Importantly, Heritage Safari is an independent travel company and not owned by any lodge or camps. Not being beholden to outside owners, we can remain impartial and select the best lodges and camps for you.

Since 1998, Heritage Africa has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, groups and families   including those traveling in large multigenerational groups – to discover the natural wonders, unparalleled beauty, rare wildlife, rich history, and diverse cultures of Africa. Your African adventure now awaits you.

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