Best African Family Safaris


"Heritage Africa is … at the epicenter of [tourism] to South Africa."
Los Angeles Times
September 10, 2002

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The Best African Family Safaris For You

Most vacations revolve around what you see and do. The best African family safaris concerns what you feel.

Surreal wilderness becomes your adventure playground, creating space and privacy to be together as a family. Senses are continually enlivened, helping you escape from everyday pressures and challenges. Majestic animals become your neighbors and there is always another angle for experiencing them. Safari creates the vacation of a lifetime, an experience completely different from every other vacation your family can take: this article helps you understand how and why.

You can’t change family. Yours is different, just like every other mammal. It expands and evolves, like the wildebeest of the Serengeti or lions in the Greater Kruger. Every mammal family is unique. Which is why the best African family safaris are also unique. This article also explains how to plan a safari for your family, including costs, when to go, where to go, the best multi generational family safari vacations, safaris with kids and safaris with adult children.

seeing a leopard on an African family safari
Unforgettable encounters
the best African family safaris give you space together as a family
Space to explore as a family
best African family safari for children involves the big and the small, like this tortoise
Learning about the big and the small
spotting elephants on the best family safari in Africa
Cherished family moments
  • Unforgettable encounters