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Our Purpose is Conservation

Would the world’s greatest wildlife continue to be wild without safari? Could it thrive without the affirmative vote you provide by going on safari? We don’t think so. We are enlightened conservationists who became activists, promoting safari as the best way to support communities, wild wildlife, and a natural world that’s been around far longer than we have.

For conservation to be valued it must be acted upon by local people. To achieve this local communities must be economically sustainable – not reliant on money from poaching and trophy hunting. Animals and landscapes have to pay their way – for over a quarter of a century we’ve been passionate about the role of high-end safari in enabling conservation.

We see safari tourism as the serious counterweight to trophy hunting and poaching, the win-win that preserves an ineffable world for future generations. And it all starts with you. It starts with you choosing to take the safari vacation you have always dreamt about. By doing it now, you do it at a time when so much is at stake.

a baby gorilla in the the Uganda rainforest
Critically endangered
Critically endangered
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